The exhibition of Rokssolani Priymi

Exhibition «Color of fern» Art-galereeyu Vishinskoy is organized. On opening an artistic atmosphere thematic music, pleasant treating, and also dress, will complement. Possibility of the unique socializing is with an artist. On an exhibition it is presented work of Roksolani Priymi, which gave birth 1959 in m Lviv . The first personal exhibition took place in age 3 in Museum of the Western and East art in m Odesa. In 1981 year made off Institute of the Applied and decorative art in Lviv. Member of union of artists of Ukraine, and from 2003 years is the member of Union of Artists of Poland. In 2000 year got a difference personally signed by Ioanom by Pavlo ²². Works of which differ unique author style, and paints flow fickly Roksolana Priyma presented 20 works An artist perceives the world for –zhinochemu. It gives it to works of lightness, uniqueness and poetry. Works of Roksolani were exhibited anymore as on 50-ti exhibitions in Ukraine and by a foreign country.